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A Class Act!

Written By Esthermay Bentley-Goossen on 25 September 2008

“When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily; but with honest, sensible leaders there is stability.”
Proverbs 28:2 (TLB)

I am thankful (as always!) for the absolutely clear simplicity and the immersuable complexity of God's Word. And how every day I am able to see more clearly God's heart and desire and perfect plan for everything -- including politics.

But first:

Since it is Thankful Thursday, I am especially thankful today for:

The family cat. Every family (and every writer) should have one. Chloe functions as a soft blanket, a masseuse, an exterminator, and a fairly inexpensive therapist.

All of the neighborhood dogs who stroll by the mud sun-room window while I write. I love observing them walk their people. The dogs are the happiest creatures on earth. The people: not so much. . . . It makes me smile.

Modern bathrooms, plumbing, toilet paper, etc. I've been explaining to Selah and Shepard -- for the last several days --the slighly fertile "mound" in our backyard where the outhouse once stood. In late-summer/early-fall, the fertile ground brings forth an abundance of extra green grass and wild mushrooms. Fascinating! (We live in a 19th Century Victorian home built in 1892.) Children are obsessed facinated by this entire concept of people once having pee'd and poop'ed in our backyard! . . . moving on:

I am thankful for Christain parents who taught me that God's Word is the absolute final authority on all things. Including politics!

Which brings me to Sarah Palin!

This woman is a class act!

By definition, Sarah Palin is a feminist. She is a woman (this is key). She is college educated. She is a professional. She is a working-mom. She votes. She believes in equal pay for equal work. This is what Feminism was founded upon. Right?

Lamentably, there is a vast right-wing conspiracy discrepancy between what Feminism is and what it has become. Sarah Palin’s credentials for inclusion in the Movement are just fluff. They mean absolutely nothing.

To fully grasp what Feminism has become over the last 40 years, you have to pollute both your heart and mind with the sin and immorality that defines the movement today.

Shall we? . . .

When you pay a quick visit to the gutter called Feminism, you will appreciate the reason Sarah Palin is not a feminist. See, down in that sewer? See them? It’s difficult. They are so still and motionless. They are the millions upon millions upon millions of aborted, unborn, silent, dead babies. Precious and beautiful children. They're all dead.

And acquiescence to this abomination is the chief and predominant prerequisite for being a Feminist today. God’s Word says :

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. "
Isaiah 5:20

Feminists are calling "evil good and good evil".


Sarah Palin speaks for and represents FAR more women in this country than do the hate-filled feminists who are making fools of themselves today.

Sarah Palin is a class act!

I am guessing that Sarah too is thankful that God's Word is the absolute final authority on all things. Including politics!

I am thankful for the common sense of Senator John McCain and his advisors who put this God-fearing, Christian conservative woman on the GOP ticket!

“When good people run things, everyone is glad.”
Proverbs 29:2 (The Message)

“A leader of good judgment gives stability.”
Proverbs 29:4 (The Message)

- Esthermay Bentley-Goossen
© Copyright 2008 The Heart of a Pastor's Wife
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Barbara said...

Wow! This makes me shudder! Perfect description of what's going on. God Bless you friend for telling it like it is!

Lori @ Front Porch Legacy said...

I've had the use of some not so modern bathrooms and I can honestly now be thankful for MODERN!

Michelle Bentham said...

I agree with you, Esthermay, 100%. Thank you for writing from your heart on this subject. I know Governor Palin and her family covet our prayers.

A couple of weeks ago I got an email that asked for us to pray Psalm 27 over Governor Palin and her family.

I have had to release my concerns to God on the politics and governmental issues and agree with God that "He is the God who sets up kings and deposes them." Daniel 2:21 (Paraphrase)

Because I get all wrapped up in the news shows and debates and start taking up offenses all over the place... I literally lose sleep over and wring my hands. So...

I will vote, and do my part. I will stand in the gap for this nation, this election and the candidates that have been selected and I will also will champion being a good steward of my own resources so that the events like the ones this past week don't rattle me and cause me to doubt and fear - the Lord sustains His remnant and provides for His children in ways we cannot even fathom.

I'm praying Psalm 123 and Isaiah 40 today. Blessings.

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