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The Newest Member of Our Family. . .Please Help Us Name Her!

Written By Esthermay Bentley-Goossen on 05 January 2009

On Saturday, January 10th, our family will drive west on Interstate 90 to the Martin County Humane Society in Fairmont, Minnesota to officially adopt "Gyspy," an eight-week old female black Labrador puppy.

"Gypsy" had surgery today to remove the tip of her tail due to an incident before arriving at the Human Society. She's doing fine and recovering with her foster family for the next few days.

Here's the problem: We need to name our new baby. "Gypsy" is the name the volunteers at the Humane Society gave her. And frankly, we all hate it!

When we lost our beloved Siberian Husky Dakotah (she died in October 2007), we knew we would someday have another dog. We just assumed it would be a male. Our new male dog's name: Boaz.

Here's as good as it gets for female names in the Goossen household:

Mark: Sheba
Esthermay: Sadie
Selah: Angel
Shepard: "We need a boy dog."

Comments PLEASE! Help us name our new baby! Our cat's name is Chloe and we'd like the two pets' names to sound good together. Any suggestions??

~ Esthermay


Barbara said...

Hey! It's good to see you haven't left blog world. Hope your Christmas was wonderful!
What a cute little girl.
We had a black lab named Fudge. It seemed to fit.
My husband likes that new movie with the dog named Marley. Fits male or female. Let us know little girl's name.
Happy New Year, Friend! - barb

sara said...

she looks like a Bella to me!!!

sara said...

our dogs have all been males with minor prophet names: Zach, Obadiah, Amos. We just adopted a dog from some missionary friends leaving for Niger...our first girl dog..her name is Lily

Andrea said...

My son has a military dog with him in Iraq. A black German Shepherd named Domino. It seems to fit a black dog, doesn't it? I've always liked the name Sadie too.

Anonymous said...


Mattie (after Matthew), Mary, or Sara.

Give her a belly rub for me.


Ben said...

OK here's an original name:

How about Raven since she's black?
Our Collie is named Gracie. Kind of ryhmes with Chloe.
Cute puppy!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I like Bella, also, but I think there are a lot of them out there. Not that that makes any difference, I guess.

A happy heart at home said...

How about Candie? Chloe and Candie. Pretty good. :)


Kate said...

Awwwwwww. Adorable puppy. So sad about her tail.
She does look like a Belle or Bella. My parents have a black dachshund named Raisin. It fits him. But I think your puppy is going to be quite BIG. Bigger than a raisin. hehehe
How about India - like as in India Ink?

Barb said...

Well, the perfect 'mate' match to Boaz would be Ruth, wouldn't it? LOL!!

kalopoieo said...

Why yes. To solve your dilemma, you need to get two dogs - a Ruth and a Boaz. Or rename the cat.

Melania, Melanie or Mellia mean black in the Greek.

Venus is loving in Latin

Will she be a bird dog? Reah or Ria mean water-loving in Spanish.

Kainda is 'daughter of the hunter' in one of the Afican dialects and Winda, 'one who hunts.'

Black Labs are of the most loving devoted dogs you can have. Wonderful pick. God bless you for adopting one that needs a loving home!

Happy New Year!

Esthermay said...

Some suggestions from our friends on FaceBook:

Daisy May
Thanks, Tammy!
- - - - - - - -
And from Kris:

Gabriella (Gabs or Abby)

Solace said...

She's a cutie. I think Zoe means life. It rhymes with Chloe. Maybe too much. LOL. I'd go with Gracie.

Vikki Wright said...

Africans always name their kids according to the situation around their birth (Sunday, Mercy, Night, etc.) Don't know what the puppy went through before she was picked up, but the surgery suggests something unpleasant. Thankfully, God's grace brought her through to your family...I'd go with Solace's suggestion about 'Gracie'.

Anonymous said...

I really like Sadie but Sheba is a close 2nd!

Patricia said...

How 'bout these options:

The Dynamo suggests Lizzie (short for Elizabeth--that's his brown lab mix's name). Ok, he also said Jackson...sometimes animal gender differences escape him.

The Pastry Princess suggests Ruth, Eva, Naomi.

I like Abby (short for Abigail).

We had a wonderful black and white English Springer Spaniel named Penny for 11 years. She was the next animal after a cat named Penelope (Peanut for short), so she was the cat's namesake.

She was also the smartest dog I had ever met. I told the family that she was not a dog, but an angel in dog clothes (and that makes Lizzie the opposite of an angel as she is not smart...just yappingly annoying--she likes to chase my hens and lick the unlucky one she catches, leaving feathers all over!!!).

We also have 4 cats with names that don't match a bit: Muffin (a snooty gray/calico female), Rocko (a fat black and white male), Duchess (a petite gray, aka: Milo or Smoky), and a new timid stray dropped off on our property the Dynamo calls Gorgeous and I call Patches (she's white with a large patch of gray over her back).

At the Dynamo & Pastry Princess' house lives Austin, a huge orange male tabby cat.

And then there's the first chicken I got--she's the only one with a name: Lucy.

Sounds like I'm about to open a zoo, doesn't it?!! And yet I still have names in reserve if I ever convince Mr. Amazing to let me get the two goats I want: Leche & Queso.

betsy j. said...

You can't have a Ruth without a Boaz and I can't imagine your family naming its beloved pet "Candy" lol.
I vote for Gracie.
Seanna -God is gracious
Sierra - Black
I've always liked the name Molly too.

Sherry said...

How about "Tippy" because of her tail. Then again, maybe you don't want to her to be reminded of her tail-flaw every time her name is called :)

We had a black Dachshund named "Daisy May"! She was a darling!

I also like "Belle" or "Bella".

Good luck!

Teri Campbell said...

My four-year old looked at the photo and called the puppy "baby jaycee (JC)" I thought it was cute. I also thought Blackie was kind of cute.

Betsy Markman said...

Aw, shoot, I was going to suggest "Tippy" because of her tail, but somebody beat me to it! :(

One advantage of naming her that is that it sounds a lot like "Gypsy," so she won't have much trouble making the change.

She's adorable!

john burreson said...

Yes, in Africa -and many cultures-we name children in accordance to circumstances surrounding their birth. We have a pug named storm because we brought him home in a rare thunderstorm here. If "Gypsy" is going to be a good bird dog, she needs a nice short name like Rhea or Grace
Little kids seem to like two syllable. Daughter over my shoulder thinks she looks like a Velvet.

Rebecca said...

I like Isabella...Chloe and Isabella sound like they're from the same era.

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