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The Post Where I Apologize to Linda @ 2nd Cup of Coffee. . .

Written By Esthermay Bentley-Goossen on 15 January 2009

On Sunday, January 11th, Linda @ 2nd Cup of Coffee challenged each and every one of her easily amused dedicated readers to an Ugly Mug-Off. Whaaaaaaht? You ask. (Exactly. . . )

Now, who among us doesn't appreciate the chance to link up our blog -- join a blogging contest, meme, whatever - enjoy the visitors on our own blog and etc, etc . . . and who better to link up with than the Queen of Witticism herself?! It's not that we're easily amused. Linda is effortlessly hilarious and we love her.

But, come on . . . "Ugly Mug Contest?" What's next? "The theme song of this blog should be ______." (Actually, that's not a bad one.)

And alas, other readers were on the same cynical page as moi with reference to the bona fide-ability of this contest and we were not kind to Linda. Not at all. The poor thing had to admit two days later that her "Ugly Mug Contest" had indeed "tanked." Here's my own not-so-kind comment:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Esthermay said...
Oh Dear Linda, I feel so much better sharing this with you this evening now that you've seen the truth on your own. See I've been researching this. . .
Pr[r] =
R (N-r) πr(1−π)
N−r (6)r
= r
= ∑(zxzy)
This, of course is a Bivariate Equation using Pearson's Correlation. The rho measure of the liner relationship between the variables x (number of readers who have gosh-awful ugly spit-face "mugs") and y (number of readers who are willing to admit it) differs from Pearson's correlation only in that computations did not disqualify "travel" mugs as they are just as filthy scum-encrusted ugly as your "traditional" stupid mug.

Bottom line: Probability of ANY valuable data from your silly contest: ZERO. So sorry. We understand.

Your creativity is obviously diluted right now as your mourn these last precious days before the Great Government Job Creation Program eliminates your blog and replaces it with something more suited to the needs of the American people. Great last attempt though!

OH! I was mean. (Concurring comments forthcoming - 5...4...3...2....) And I left this comment while working on this post for my own blog: The Evidence of Wisdom is a Restrained Tongue.

Aiy Yi Yiii!

My clumsy witticism and completely inaccurate -- not to mention bogus -- statistical equation had clearly contributed to the sadness in Linda's life over the lack of enthusiasm for her Ugly-ma-Hugiddly' Mug Contest and I shall take this opportunity to apologize.

Linda, I am sorry.
Please forgive me. In my honest and earnest effort to make amends, I offer this:

My entry into your splendid, well-received, and relevant "Ugly-Mug" Contest:

Ugly: ŭg’ – lee (adj.) def: displeasing to the senses; surly; inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace; despicable; morally reprehensible; atrocious: provoking horror . . . .

Honestly, depending upon your political persuasion, this is The Ugliest Mug ever!


Let me repeat that: "Depending upon your political views, this could be the Ugliest Mug."

This happens to be my Favorite Mug!
. . . Which fact (in my right-wing, wacko, pro-life, conservative little mind) encompasses the entire reason the "Ugly Mug-Off" never got off the ground/off the counter/out of the cabinet: One woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

there is a sisterhood here in blog-world. . . (Oh, let's call it a "kinship." I do have male "followers" and so does Linda.") Does anyone else owe Linda an apology? Has anyone had second thoughts about participating in the "Ugly Mug-Off?" Say, "Yes."

Wouldn't it be nice
to participate in Linda's lame contest? Say, "Yes."

Yes!, you say? You'll find the details here: Contest With a Prize: I Challenge You to a "Mug-Off!"

~ Esthermay Bentley-Goossen


Kate said...

I haven't a clue what you're talking about. I will go visit Linda and her mug to learn more. But it's hilarious. You are in contest to be funny here?
oh - I'll just go check out Linda's blog.
Funny Funny Funny.
You honestly understand that math problem?

kalopoieo said...

The Spearman Correlation Coefficients is more tedious but less sensitive to bias due to outliers and does not require data to be metrically scaled. A far better predictor of who might participate in such an aesthetically subjective study.

Conservative One said...

I have this mug. Had it for over 20 years. My favorite too.

Barbara said...

You were mean. But sweet to apologize. You take a good picture, girl!

Greg C said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I loved this post as I am always looking for an opportunity to give Linda a little jab in the ribs. I did however have a problem with your choice of ugly mugs as I think the big D mug would be more appropriate. Great post and I love your blog.
Signed; One of linda's male followers.

john burreson said...

from kinship-follower:
Yes, I'd vote for the Democratic mug too if the point is "ugly." But your point is well taken. Who's to say what is "ugly."

Nice mug!

Andrea said...

5-4-3-2-1 Concurring Comment: Yep' you are a mean woman.
I've visited Linda's blog a few times and she is a hoot. You two match wits on this issue I guess. You should come out of your shell more on your blog, dear! Funny stuff.
I've got a mug commemorating George W. Bush's innaguration and it's my fav. Sure to be considered ugly by the mindless liberal left.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Esthermay, only you could work politics into my ugly mug challenge!

FYI, I already HAVE a theme song, and it's Gordon Lightfoot's "Second Cup of Coffee," which you can search on my blog and tap your foot along to. Ironically, I had made much fun of Gordon Lightfoot songs in the past, and here he had written me a theme song, and I didn't know it. I'll bet Gordon never wrote you a song.

I was not intimidated by your Big Math because I figured a percentage in my very next post, so there.

I used to be totally intimidated by your great wit and rhetoric until I saw that just like everybody else, you get your cats out of your Christmas trees one bizarro moment at a time. You are now forever "Esthermay of the Treed Cat" in my head. Any time you start to writin' too smart, I'm gonna remember the treed cat.

As to your question, "Does anyone else owe Linda an apology?" Why yes, yes, everyone does, including Edsel Bivens, who stole my black crayon in kindergarten, no lie.

I am now accepting apologies by text and after hours.

Great Mug, Esthermay! I'm so glad you saw the light!

Barbara said...

So, are you and Linda friends again? Looks like you're both just full of wit and silliness.

Mom To Six said...

Well, I think your mug is stunningly beautiful!! As a matter of fact, I'd love to know where you got it so I can get one, too! :)



PS I, like Kate, had no clue what you were talking about, but I still love your mug!

Beth in NC said...

LOL ... I didn't know anything about the contest. I found you through TT, but this is funny. I'm a republican, and I still agree the mug is ugly. lol

I hope Linda accepts your apology. :o)

Be blessed,

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