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The False Gospel of New Evangelicalism. . .

Written By Esthermay Bentley-Goossen on 21 February 2009

A great number of you are keenly aware (some of you zealously) of the diluted and false gospel of mainstream evangelical churches today. Here’s something I’ll venture you do not know:

Did you know that between fifteen and twenty percent of all churches in the United States have forced out two or more pastors? Slightly more than ten percent have forced out three or more pastors!

. . . and did you know that over the last ten years, the primary reason for pastors being forced out of their church was because they refused to “get-in-line” with the
"New Evangelical Movement?"


Barbara said...

This breaks my heart.

kalopoieo said...

I believe Neo-Evangelicalism is partly to blame for putting Barack Obama in the Whitehouse. Among the dangerous trends of the movement are an increased emphasis on scholarly knowledge and interpretation over Biblical truth, and a redefinition of social responsibility. This makes the social and professor-esque gospel of Obamamania so acceptable. Add to the mix the complete prominence of ecumenism and humanitarianism and you’ve got a whole country of pathetic “Christians” who fear more than anything being considered “narrow-minded.” Thus they follow. Like stupid sheep. The follow

Kris said...

em - both my husband and i just listened to this video. wow..we agree. our church went through a time where we were allowing that kind of preaching. i believe we lost our candle stick for a while. now we are back on track, thank God.


Joan said...

I watch this video and have new insight into troublemakers in our church. Do you think God allows certain people in a church to be false Christians so that the true saints can grow? Is there any hope for the troublemakers in churches who drive out any form of Gospel preaching? Ours is one of those churches that has kicked out more than three pastors. The same false Christians ebb and flow with the coming and going of truth. This whole idea really has me thinking.

Denise said...

This is beyond sad my friend.

Kate said...

This just flat-out scares me on so many levels. I'm beginning to think there are no true Gospel preaching churches out there. The Christians who believe in true Gospel preaching have all left and the ones remaining are too scared to say anything.
There are a few bloggers out there (YOU are one) who should have a greater audience - because this is truth. The truth is missing from Sunday morning churches everywhere.
This just flat-out scares me.

Mom To Six said...

Very eye opening video. Thank you for sharing.


Melanie said...

Wow! You're right... I did not realize that at all. So sad!

LisaShaw said...

Something my husband and I walk in awareness of and pray about for all churches and all Christians. We have to be careful to discern what is of God and what is what my husband calls, "entertainment Gospel" and what I call, "the feel good cushiony gospel".

We must continue to pray and also to give awareness as the opportunity comes about as you're doing in your message.

God bless you.

Michelle Bentham, AKA His Beautiful Bride said...


This is a truth worth telling. Thank you for sharing it.

Pastor Robert does a very good job of delivering the Gospel message at our church, and at least once a year he goes through a series that points people straight to the cross of Christ and their own need of Salvation because of Sin.

His testimony is that he was preaching as an evangelist for several years when he taught on the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares. He told his wife after they left the service that if he believed his own message then he would have to say he was not a Christian. She said, "Then you may not be a Christian."

He struggled with that issue while continuing to serve as an evangelist all the while believing he had been saved. One night, in a motel room after a service he came to the end of himself and surrendered everything he had to God. He even told God he would never preach again since he'd done it for his own gain. But, God had other plans, and I thank Him that He did. It is powerful when the faithful testify that what we've been learning in churches for years does not lead to salvation but a false sense of hope based on nothing but a feel good gospel with little meat at its heart.

Thanks again.


Laurie Ann said...

What a truth that needs to be told, Esthermay. This video was excellent! So many valid points raised. Steve and I used to watch a "dessert" preacher but realized there were no meat and potatoes served with the meal. It was sad to come to this realization. We actually went to see him preach in a not too far off city and the altar call was pathetic. It was basically, "If you want to live a positive life and a happy one, stand up."

Millions of people in the world label themselves as Christians. That's great, but in a recent poll - http://religions.pewforum.org/pdf/comparisons-all_beliefs.pdf (see page 8), it was found that 57% of evangelical Churches believe that many religions can lead to eternal life.

We need not only preachers who preach the truth, but believers to stand behind them.

kelliebean said...

Found you via Becky's Adult Deprived blog. I LOVE what you are saying here. This is sad, but also disappointing, that people so quickly abandon Biblical Truth in order to align with contemporary issues & situational ethics. Tonight I am thanking God even more for leading us to a church family that believes and teaches The Truth. Thank you for this post.

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