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LOVE Lessons from First Corinthians 13
"Suffereth Long. . .μακροθυμίᾳ"

Written By Esthermay Bentley-Goossen on 11 February 2009

This post is part of a series addressing the Apostle Paul's words in I Corinthians 13:4-8. The words Paul chose to teach the church in Corinth in 57 A.D.
are just as powerful today. And just as necessary.

Charity [agape love] suffereth long, and is kind;
charity envieth not. . .

~ I Corinthians 13:4

The words "suffereth long" are taken from the Greek word μακροθυμίᾳ (longsuffering or makrothumia) and can be translated as the words forbearance and patience.

A great word picture would be a good quality solid candle with a very long wick that is prepared to burn for a very long time. It is ready to forbear and wait patiently until someone changes - finally comes around, makes progress, or hears what you are trying to communicate or teach them.
OR - what GOD is trying to communicate and teach . . .

It is the picture of a person whose feelings for someone else are so passionate that giving up is not an option. It is the picture of a person who does not and will not give up. Ever!
Does this sound a little like God's love for us?

Agape love doesn't throw in the towel and quit. In fact, the harder the fight and the longer the struggle, the more committed agape love becomes. Like the candle it just keeps burning and burning and burning and burning . . . . It does not know how to quit. And this, of course, is contrary to human nature and this is why we see it so rarely.
I'll go out on a limb here: "It's the reason so many marriages fail!"

Romans 5:5 tells us
that the agape love of God has already been "shed abroad" in your heart by the Holy Spirit (that is, IF you have accepted his sacrifice on the Cross and surrendered your life to HIM). This means you don't have to come up with this supernatural longsuffering love on your own.

God's love has already literally been poured forth -- already dispensed -- and shed into your life. You only need to ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

Are you in a relationship that tests your patience? Are you tempted to throw up your arms in exasperation? Are you ready to walk out on someone? If so, you need a good dose of agape love. Ask for it.

And if you're reading this blog and haven't yet read GOD's Word today, start with GOD's Word. It's far better.

~ Esthermay


Susan said...

Wow, another GREAT post Esthermay.

I'm so blessed and grateful God is so l-o-n-gsuffering with me!

A lot to think about!!


Barbara said...

Great thoughts.
The longsuffering part of agape love is so available - but as you said it's for the True Believer.
Goes hand in hand with yesterday's post about tolerance vs. love. You make me rethink blogging. Maybe I should start blogging after all. You inspire me.
Both my husband and I are Greek nuts. What software do you use to get your characters?

Denise said...

I love coming here and soaking up your wisdom.

Kate said...

I'm looking forward to your series.
Have you ever thought about making your posts available in printout form - like a PDF or Word doc.?

Sarah Mae said...

The is a neat study you are doing. I have a friend is doing "love week" with toddlers and we are particpating - I think you might like it:


Crown of Beauty said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my site and leaving a heartwarming comment. It is a blessing to "meet" you and get to know another fellow traveler on the journey. I will surely be reading more of your writings on your blog! Have a blessed day.

Sweet said...

Esther...thanks for visiting me. I have been following you for months now. I used to go by "sweetcopswife" and my blog was alot different with alot different type of readers....um...very different and that was the path I was on...I hope this does not sound strange, but reading your blog and keeping up with it, in part...I do beleive is what led me back...Thank you

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I'm in a relationship with the new President of the United States. It tests my patience every single day.

It has only been 23 days, and there four -- or perhaps eight -- long years to go.

All hope is lost.

Meadowlark said...
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