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I'll Be Back . . .

This Blogger has. . .

Written By Esthermay Bentley-Goossen on 29 June 2009

Gone Fishing!
Summer in Minnesota is so short . . .
I'll be back blogging soon enough.

Have a GREAT SUMMER, Friends!


Denise said...

My friend, you are missed, loved, and being prayed for. Have a wonderful summer.

sara said...

I agree with Denise!!! you are very much missed, loved and being prayed for!

enjoy your summer!

Susan said...

You are sorely missed my sweet friend.

Praying and waiting for your return♥

Barbara said...

Oh dear friend! I thought Gracie was a BLACK lab! No? What an adorable picture. Your blog blesses me so much and your gifts of discernment/writing/teaching have been missed for some time now. I print out everything you post to share with my Sunday School and Bible Study. Looking forward to your return. Love to you and your family (and dog) as you "fish" (wink wink).

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I'll be missing you too...BUT, since I live in MN too...I can SO relate....in fact, today certainly makes it feel as though summer is over!!

Enjoy your time away..."fishin'".

iowachic said...

Agreeing with everyone. You are missed, loved and being prayed for. I have so missed you writing. You have the gift of teaching and blogworld is lacking without you. My husband and I have recently learned of the terrible way you and your husband were treated at Crane Church. It is a disgrace and God must have great mercy on those disruptive and selfish women who supported the youth worker and others who sought to destroy To persecute God's chosen is to dishonor God himself. Bless you Your reward is heaven-side.

Your sister-in Jesus Christ

Sherry said...

Enjoy your summer!


Want some company???
Probably not!

Enjoy your time away! We all miss you!

Choosing JOY,

Joan said...

Fishing, huh?
Haven't seen you much in the fishbowl either :-)
I am praying too for your personal ministry and the needed Hand of healing on the church members who persecuted your husband. The candlesticks are not all burning but praise God for faithful servants who continue to reflect TRUTH through difficulty.
Have a wonderful summer.

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