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Bossy Women & The Pen...

Written By Esthermay Bentley-Goossen on 31 October 2005

Years ago, I had a friend who was a pastor’s wife. I remember her telling me that the thing she hated the most about being a pastor’s wife was how powerful and bossy women in the church would command her husband around and she felt powerless to do anything about it without looking like a *#&@!. (Yes, that’s what she said.) I thought I understood her at the time.

Fast-forward a decade (or two!). I think I finally get it! I haven’t personally experience the thing with bossy women, but I do see my Mark pulled and drawn in many different directions and toward many different people and ministries within the church. I do have a tendency to be a bit protective and perhaps annoyed that I am no longer the only woman of influence in his life besides his mother. God will deal with me on this.

Ministry wives really do need to control both their emotions and their tongues, and in my case -- the pen. A writer at heart, my journals and computer screen have always been somewhat surreptitious spots to reflect, to process and to pray. Up till now, I wrote without rules. As a pastor’s wife, it may be necessary to implement rules. Good grief, someone from the church may actually read my words!! I could be phony and compose sweet harmonious snippets on the splendor of life as a pastor’s wife. (Right!) I won’t be doing that.

My words – as they have always been - are a means to repent, grow and experience God’s presence and grace. Hopefully, reading it will allot the reader a sense of God’s faithfulness and deliverance as prayers are answered and situations are changed over time. More than anything, I write as a way to quiet my heart and become more like Christ. Which – for those who know me well – will be my greatest challenge in ministry. Next on the list will be keeping the pen still concerning all the bossy women.

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Anonymous said...

As a bossy woman, I am convicted. God bless your ministry and -- you've got a GREAT blog here! So does your husband.

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