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Intelligence Test for Voting. . .

Written By Esthermay Bentley-Goossen on 08 October 2005

Thursday, October 9, 2008
It was October 1992 and I was standing in line with my mother at the Madison County Courthouse in Anderson, Indiana. I don’t remember the exact date, but I had just moved back to Indiana from Minnesota and it was the last day to register to vote in the ’92 Election.

…had no idea the line would be so long. We arrived at about 5:00 p.m., and walked out after dark – probably around 8:30 p.m.

Amazing the number of eager, mature, and intelligent voters wanting to make sure their well-thought-out decision counted in one of the most important privileges we have as American Citizens: Voting.

One conversation we were forced to endure over the three-hour wait went something like this:

18 Year Old #1: They’re asking for Social Security numbers. You know yours?

18 Year Old #2:

18 Year Old #1:
Don’t worry about it. Just make something up. It should start with a “3.”

18 Year Old #2:
Keen, Man.

18 Year Old #1:
You got your driver’s license?

18 Year Old #1: #@%!

The balance of the evening was spent listening to similar conversations.

Do I dare say, "This is what put Bill Clinton in the Whitehouse."

The vast majority of people registering to vote that evening had NO CLUE, let alone the intellectual capacity to understand anything outside the realm of how drunk they’d been the night before and what color the ensuing puke on their shirt was. . .

My mother suggested that an intelligence test be given to people who wish to vote.

I agreed.

Fast Forward: October 2008.

This is an excerpt from a Christian woman’s blog [not worthy of the link – Sorry!]:

. . . then "God help America!!" Christian conservatives are so stupid. Don’t even know what they are doing. They are as dumb as pigs. YES THEY ARE!!

Christians today don’t understand that the Bible says we are supposed to punish the rich and discipline those who try to teach false doctrines. Palin is a false teacher. Abstinence and creation in public school, but not her own home? Give me a break.

Obama IS the solution for this country. I don’t care if he does have ties to Islam and Socialism. Putting two people who don’t understand a thing about the role of government in the white house is just wrong, folks! If Jesus were living today, he would vote for Obama. He'd be out campaigning for Obama. Obama stands for everything Jesus taught - caring for the poor and keeping the Pharisees out the little-guys life! This time around the Repbulicans are just wrong. Wrong!

This country needs Obama to get its values right!

Yes. This is a cut and paste from a Christian mom’s blog. A blog that also has an “I Vote Pro-Life” button in the sidebar!

If you are reading "The Heart of a Pastor's Wife" I will assume that I do not need to clarify for you why "Pro-Life Christian Mom-Blogger" needs an Intelligence Test before casting her vote next month -- or tell you that she needs to open her Bible and actually read it!

Intelligence test for voting in America?
Not a bad idea, mom!

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