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My Mom Signed my Autograph Book!

Written By Esthermay Bentley-Goossen on 10 May 2008

"What is the greatest lesson you learned from your mother?"

(In response to the Internet Cafe's Weekly Question)When I was in fourth-grade, autograph books were really cool, in vogue, modish, all the rage. I wanted one so badly. All my girlfriends had one. But my mom was not exactly a trendy mom of the times. My mom was a "so if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?" kind-of mom. I didn't get my autograph book right quick; and when she finally did buy me one, she wanted to be the first to sign it. Of course it was not very cool, in vogue, modish, all the rage to have your mother sign your autograph book. But what could I say? Here's what she wrote:

All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. - II Timothy 3:16-17 Love, Mom

My mother was a straightforward, uncomplicated theologian who was not ashamed of anything the Bible had to say. She was an astute student of God's Word. And I don't use the word "theologian" just to add panache here. Theology is simply the knowledge of God. It is not the result of organized higher education and study or exercising reason. My mom was simple. She loved Jesus and she read her Bible. And the older I get the more I look just like her I mean. . . the more I am beginning to #1 appreciate this; and #2 live it.

A quick summary of this doctrine is this:

The Bible is the absolute final authority on all things.

And this is the greatest lesson I learned from My Mom.

Of course, my mom was not without advice for the less consequential things in life. Secondary to doctrine (but no less important), I learned the following things from My Mom:

► Always carry kleenex in your purse. And if you're not carrying a purse, stick a kleenex in your sleeve.

► Always carry a purse.

► When shopping for clothes, always go with the one you picked off the rack first.

► The color of your shoes should never be lighter than the hemline of whatever you're wearing.

► If you lose track of time while shopping, blame the very l--o--n--n--n-g train you had to stop for.

► If you're short on funds, take it out of your tithe - because God probably wants you to have it.

► Men can't hear. And they don't listen either.

Esthermay Bentley-Goossen


Anonymous said...

This was my favorite of all and made me smile :o)

lori said...

I LOVED this too!! My fave of the day too!!! My mom is a carry a kleenex kind of mom too!! She ALWAYS has one...and I'm still needing them!!;)

WONDERFUL....I laughed and now I'm welling up!!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

lori said...

I just read your comment on sending SOMEONE'S HUSBAND to his room....I laughed...although I'm sure you aren't...

we'll remind each other...We ARE raising someones HUSBAND...wow..that's a big deal!!

Have a great night...sans T.V.....
and Happy Mom's Day!!

Denise said...

This was really lovely.

Julie said...

What a precious post.

I loved it.


Anonymous said...

I just read your comment on trying to get 3 columns...Have you discovered Amy's site? She gives all kinds of tips about blogging and I've learned a ton from her!!! She is the home base to several blog memes as well... if she hasn't already posted about how to do this...you could probably ask and she would help out!!!
Hope this helps... I had someone else help me with my entire design so I usually don't know how to do things myself :o)

Amy Guerino said...

I got on your blog last night and needed to hear Steve Green's song. I wept over the computer keys! Memories....I sang it on a mission trip in Kazakhstan just when the doors to that country were opened 15 years ago! The chorus was sung in Russian. From church to church, we were encouraging scared believers that it was time, they were finally free to share Christ's message of salvation. But now, the country is beginning to see the doors close with legislation being passed banning things like passing out literature, getting aid from outside the country, etc. My heart breaks and I'm so thankful for old songs....music brings back so much!

You are a treasured gem to me. God is using your blog to encourage this pastor's wife. And I see you are perusing my hubby's blog too.

Carol said...

This was a beautiful post on your mother! And I haven't heard People Need the Lord in a long time. What a great song! Thanks for your sweet comments on my post at The Internet Cafe today! :) Sweet Blessings!

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