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Never Never EVER Judge a Book by its. . .
. . . Well, you know

Written By Esthermay Bentley-Goossen on 16 April 2009

May I always see those around me through the eyes of God.
May I always hear them through the ears of God,
And love them with the heart of God!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Kate said...

I am speechless!
What a lesson for everyone.


Seems like this is the 'video of the week' - and a powerful one at that [as Kate said] leaves you 'speechless' and a little more humbled after viewing it.

That's how God sees each of US!

Choosing JOY,
[Kneeling in Prayer]

Barbara said...

I will never get tired of watching this. I get goosebumps everytime!

Denise said...

So precious.

Alleluiabelle said...

This is the first time I have seen this and I, too, am speechless! As Stephanie said, "That's how God sees each of US!" I'm blown away when I think of that. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME.

Thank you for sharing this. When people view this, it will be a wake up call for many.


Ben said...

Wow! Wow!
I've been hearing about this clip. AMAZING. I'm so glad I stopped by you blog. The spiritual applications are just too for me to fathom right now but you expressed it well - May we see others through God's all-knowing and loving eyes!

Joan said...

UNBELIEVABLE. I can't stop watching this. Simon's expression is priceless! AMAZING.
God knows our heart, our gifts, our dreams. Yes, Truthsharer, this is exactly how God sees each of us.
God Bless Susan Boyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sara said...

isn't that the best?! I saw that the other day and loved it!

LauraLee Shaw said...

This whole story has made me feel happy and sad. Happy because the whole world has learned a valuable lesson about judging a book by its cover. Sad, because, our talent doesn't make us a star either. If she had sung poorly or not that great, she would've continued to be ridiculed.

I'm pretty sure I've watched her performance over a dozen times now, and I still get chills. I pray she can remain strong and humble with all eyes on her. And that she won't get hurt through all of this.
Praying the success story continues!!!!

LuAnn said...

I've got this on my blog too - She was amazing. Did you see her interview on the TODAY show this a.m. What a humble lady !!!

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